Thomas Hübl, PhD, is a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator who works within the complexity of systems and cultural change, integrating the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. Since the early 2000s, he has led large-scale events and courses on the healing of collective trauma.

He is the author of Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma—and Our World and Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds. He has served as an advisor and guest faculty for universities and organizations, as a coach for CEOs and organizational leaders, and is currently a visiting scholar at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

About the author

by Thomas Hübl

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Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma–and Our World

Thomas Hübl provides a visionary guide for tapping into our collective human consciousness – with tools, techniques, and new insights to help heal our traumatized world.

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Attuned includes eight guided practices to help increase your relational capacity and heal individual, ancestral, and collective trauma. When you order the book you’ll immediately receive all eight audio recordings from Thomas.

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In this introduction, explore how attunement can reshape our daily lives and help build mastery in our relational skills, bringing us into clearer alignment, deeper coherence, and truer connection—with ourselves and one another, with nature, and with the cosmos.

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About the book

We are all connected―and we are all dependent on each other and the world we live in. 

Yet even though technology has allowed us to virtually share our lives with more people than ever, the result has been a growing pattern of personal isolation, alienation, and division. Why is this? “We are seeing the manifestation of collective trauma,” says luminary Thomas Hübl. 

“The profoundly complex challenges we face demand a new level of human collaboration.”

With Attuned, Hübl shares a bold and empowering guide for anyone committed to the healing of our struggling world. He begins with a compelling exploration of the “relational field,” through which we transmit and receive experiences, hopes, fears, and dreams within the collective. 

From there, he offers practical ways to 

  • process individual, ancestral, and cultural trauma
  • draw on deep resources for resilience
  • use the multifaceted tool of “transparent communication” to enliven and deepen our relationship with all beings

By embracing our interdependence, we can activate what is needed to respond and evolve through the challenges of our age. “It may take only a small number of us,” writes Hübl, “to establish a new level of collective coherence―to share our light, heal our wounds, and realize the unawakened potential of our world."

“Attuned is a unique guide to reconnection and coherence with self and universe, past and present. It is informed by wisdom teachings gleaned from science, philosophy, theology, and Indigenous tradition, all refracted through Thomas Hübl’s own finely honed spiritual sensibility and illuminating experiences of Reality.”

- Gabor Maté, MD, CM
Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

“Wise and tender, Attuned weaves a karmic tapestry of unification that illumines belonging and calls us into spiritual responsibility to past, present, and future generations of wellbeing. A read to be savored and put into action.”

- Ruth King
Author, Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out, and founder of the Mindful of Race Institute™

“In this seminal work, Thomas Hübl goes beyond trauma as an individual wound to encompassing the relational, and collective injury, that must be addressed if we are truly able to heal the injuries to the collective psyche, to our relationships, to society, and ultimately to the world community. Please read, be enriched by this powerful work, and let each of us carry forth this healing in our own way.”

- Peter A. Levine
Author of Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma, and in An Unspoken Voice, How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

Praise for attuned

Ruth King
Peter A. Levine
Gabor Maté, MD, CM

“We are ultimately not alone or separate. Consider the idea that everything we do affects the next seven generations and realizing that we have been affected by the past seven generations. This is just one of the reasons to embrace Thomas Hubl's new book "Attuned" where he offers pragmatic ways and methods to help heal trauma in this world. We can't do it alone and it's never too late to start with this practical guide.”

- Sharon Salzberg
Author of Lovingkindness and Real Life

Sharon Salzberg

“There is good medicine here, wise understandings and a vision for the transformation of heart and culture.”
— Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart

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“With the eloquence of a poet and the mind of a scientist, Thomas Hübl describes his mystical approach to transformation that has helped so many. His application of attuned awareness and resonance to traumatized relational fields offers new hope for the collective healing of large, influential systems, as well as individuals, that is inspiring.”

- Richard C. Schwartz
Creator of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy, author of No Bad Parts and You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For

Richard C. Schwartz
Stephen W. Porges

“In Attuned, Thomas Hübl brilliantly articulates the profound message that the essence of humanity is linked to an innate and universal need to connect with others and nature. In his book we are alerted to both the optimistic and positive consequences of listening to this message and the dire consequence of ignoring the signals that trigger our need to connect.”

- Stephen W. Porges
Distinguished University Scientist, Traumatic Stress Research Consortium Founding Director, Professor of Psychiatry

“Thomas Hübl does it again by writing another incisive text and inviting us to develop one of the most important evolutionary skills that we urgently need in this historical moment. This book claims that the practice of interdependence through different levels of attunement could awaken profound levels of healing and reinvigorate our commitment to our collective flourishing. I am broken open by this invitation.”

- Dr. Angel Acosta
Principal Consultant at Acosta Consulting

Dr. Sará King

“Thomas Hübl invites us into a lived experience of interdependence…and helps us awaken the courage and wisdom needed to bring healing to our traumatized world.”   

- Tara Brach
Author of Radical Acceptance and Trusting the Gold

Tara Brach

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“Thomas Hubl has authored a book that is truly indispensable for those who seek to cultivate a deep and lasting connectivity with the paradox and complexity of their inner experience in such a way that they tap into the superpowers that every human has to heal themselves, their relationships, and therefore, the world."

- Dr. Sará King
Neuroscientist, Political and Learning Scientist, Speaker, CEO and Founder of MindHeart Collective

Dr. Sará King
Tara Brach

"There's something rigorous, earnest, and heartbreakingly kind about Thomas Huebl's gentle approach to the matter of trauma and how we might address it today. This book is engorged with a beautiful generosity that's difficult to turn away from. Read it. Better yet, feel it."

- Bayo Akomolafe, PhD
Author of These Wilds Beyond our Fences

by Thomas Hübl


Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma–and Our World

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Relational Attunement: How We Heal Together 

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